Assess liability
Learn the guidelines that courts use to assess liability in various road accident cases.
Make informed decisions
Walk through the complex processes of accident claims with the simple, practical tips provided.
For lawyers and road users
Be equipped with comprehensive coverage of various accident scenarios.


Facing the consequences of a traffic accident can be challenging. The Motor Accident Guide (MAG) is a practical tool that helps road users, motor insurers and lawyers understand and resolve accident claims quickly. Illustrated pictures and diagrams, simple language and a variety of scenarios make assessing liability quick and straightforward. As a result, the MAG helps parties negotiate settlements without proceeding to court litigation, shaving costs significantly.

To make this guide available to more people, the State Courts of Singapore have decided to publish the second edition of the MAG digitally. The ebook allows you to perform searches for keywords, bookmark relevant pages for later, and highlight key passages. The digital format also enhances portability, as it can be easily accessed from your phone, tablet or desktop anytime.

The MAG is a publication by the State Courts of Singapore.


The Motor Accident Guide is available for download on:

Motor Accident Guide


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